Life is Sweet (OR) Sweet is Life..?!

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Oh can you miss those diwali sweets?! And your favorite homemade deserts?! Life of a diabetic person is worse than you could imagine.. Saying NO to all those sweetness in life.. and the daily insulin shots piercing your skin and flesh! Well.. unfortunately India has the largest number of diabetes patients in the world.. yeah, it’s very common in our place, which makes it look like ‘normal’. But it is not..

Believe it or not; Sugar is an addiction like addiction for drugs. All of them stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain. Haven’t you noticed whenever you are stressed or tired, a nice cup of tea or a chocolate would make you feel better?! Your body may even send false signals such as headache so as to trick you and convince that you need a tea.. smart play! Yeah.. our brain is too intelligent.. 🙂 Eating too much of sugar would definitely result into health issues, most commonly type 2 diabetes (the one that comes through lifestyle).

What could be the reason for diabetes..?
Diabetes is caused because of improper metabolism. We eat food that contains sugar which is converted to glucose and taken to cells by blood. Cells will absorb the glucose, mix it with oxygen and produces energy. Thats how it works, in simple words. Insulin (produced by pancreas) acts as the cell gatekeeper. When there is an imbalance in the whole process, it results into glycemic condition (hyperglycemia- high blood sugar, hypoglycemia- low blood sugar).
Generally, there could be two reasons for this state:
1) pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin
2) the insulin produced are inefficient in their gatekeeping job (this could be an auto immune condition where the body identifies insulin as a foreign particle and stop its action)

Pheww!! Now you can understand what the pills and insulin shots do.. if your body can’t produce healthy cells, it supplements the artificial one to regulate; eventually destroying your body’s natural working mechanism.
Yoga plays an important role here by bringing back the consciousness, so that body may understand ‘uh! Something is wrong here and I have to fix it’ 😀
There are asanas(postures) in yoga that would stimulate pancreas to work properly. Also the pranayama(breathing exercises) clears off all the imbalances in body; mainly the stress which is also a key factor that triggers diabetes. When a person is stressed, large quantities of stress chemicals are released into the blood which increases the glucose level; much more than what is required by the cells. This is why your sugar level shoots up during your marriage and house warming..! 😛

Diabetes is a silent killer.. it doesnt have an age barrier. Yoga is the best way to manage and control diabetes. Regular practice of yoga can prevent diabetes by maintaining the blood sugar level in the required amount. Impressed uh? Try it.. Come on, Let’s do Yoga… 🙂