Topper’s Syndrome !!


Do you want to go back to your past and correct few things..? You all might’ve faced this question at least once in life.. Me too 🙂
Quite often I feel if I could go back to my teens, I could’ve lived in a better way, I could’ve bunked classes, scored less marks at school and do more pranks so that I have a bundle of memories when I am in 30s.. Seriously, I dont remember much of the lectures I heard in high school.. And I really dont know where I applied sin and cos in my life.. Okay, sin/cos = tan ; so……?! 🙂 I was one among the topper students at school, for which I felt very much proud and good in those days.. My teachers liked me, no scoldings from parents too.. Everyone said/thought I’ll conquer heights and be successful in life.. though their definition of success was different from mine!
I thought twice before writing this here. No fiction, No add-ons or exaggerations – this is a true experience from my own life, so I’m just sharing my views and my personal opinion.. If one of you could think in a different way, that may help a lot of confused young minds.. may be our own kids. This is the only reason that pushed me to expose the hidden part.
Other than Multiple Sclerosis, I have another chronic disease and this is with my mind.. I call it “Topper’s Syndrome”, as I see the same state with few of my friends at school and college who were really good with their studies and scored very high marks in exams.
What it is…? See.. in all those young years of your life you have topped in exams, being the ‘favourite’ student of your teachers etc – all good words and glories around. Have you ever faced failure? Do you know how it feels to score less mark and see those frowning faces..? Have you dealt with the toughest situation to attend a Parent- Teacher Meeting, with a failed progress card..? Yes.. Fear of Failures! Once you are into the real world- job, family, responsibilities, liabilities.. whatever; things wont be that easy as solving a tough maths problem. Life may not always treat you fairly.. And a small hit would push you down like anything; then you dont know how to get up.. You cannot accept your friends overtaking your position (ofcourse, you are not used to it and dont know how to respond). You cannot take all those emotional dramas and breakups because you’ve only tasted the nectar of success so far and it has got soooo much into your head and created a false image like ” Oh comeon, I am such a smart and brilliant guy/lady.. How can I take a wrong move that eventually ended up unsuccessfully?! No way!!”
Topper’s Syndrome.. 🙂
I’m not saying you shouldn’t study.. you should.. but its better to be an average student who struggles to get a decent number on the value sheet.. They may be familiar with the tough situations much more than a topper student. And they may know how to tackle challenging situations in life – of course, with their experience!
Next time when you see average marks in your child’s exam sheet; think twice before you scold and beat. Realize that they may be learning much more valuable lessons, which would help them to live in a better way.. a quality life! 🙂

Coffee Talk #1

Yeah.. let’s sit and talk..

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People often ask me “How can you be so cheerful and smiling always carrying such a chronic disease?!” I just smile then.. 😛

Here I share the simple trick, may be useful for some of you..
“Every morning when you wake up, take it as a rebirth with past-life memory.. And you will die tonight at sleep !! In the middle of this birth and death, you have only few hours to live.. and that is today …Then what’s so much to frown or worry about..?!”
🙂 This is how I tweak my mind.. Helps me to always smile and live in awareness..

Enjoy your coffee please.. 🙂

Make Decisions.. Right now !!


At many instances in our life, we are ‘forced’ to take decisions, be it with studies, job, finding a partner or even silly stuffs like what to wear today, what to eat for dinner and the list just goes on.. Yeah.. decisions.. every now and then we have to play that game of ‘deciding’.

Many of us get confused at the moment when we are asked to take a decision. That confusion comes from a fear residing deep inside our mind; the fear of failure! None of us wants to fail, right? And that fear holds us back from taking decisions in life. We often depend on our parents, partners, friends or other ‘experienced people’ to take those important decisions in our life. Why? If it is right, well and good.. Otherwise we get a person to put the blame! And the funny thing is; in majority cases it will fail just because of one simple reason ‘those who decide and advice doesn’t live your life.. they just witness your experience’ 🙂

You are the one who lives your life. Take its ownership! After-all who is deciding success and failure?! There are no standard rules or criteria to measure a person’s success and failure in life. If you are happy with your decisions and the way you live, its perfect. Even if you feel something went wrong with your decisions, your mind will somehow find a way to justify. That’s the trick.. mind game! Generally, our ego wont instantly allow us to accept the wrong move we took.. 😀

As the well-known motivational speaker Dr. Herbert Harris said, ” Success comes from right decisions; Right decisions comes from experience; Experience comes from wrong decisions!” So, its perfectly okay to make wrong decisions. Just dare to make it.. Rest will follow.. 🙂