Mother’s Love #1


Meet my young friend Dr. Sara Varghese (dont get confused with her hair; she coloured it white 😀 ). We share a special bond of unconditional love; with a pinch of salt and pepper!
In this segment “Mother’s Love”, I would like to share few thoughts from our regular conversation.. Pearls of Wisdom from an “extremely ordinary” woman who likes to swim (its not just like, she is crazy about swimming 😀 ) and dive deep into the sea to touch those oasters!

Here it goes.. On your mark.. Get-Set.. Goooo..

Sara Aunty : Saneeja, do you know what pulls us away from a Holistic way of Living..?
Me : No..
Sara Aunty : Its Fears!
Me : Fear of what? Failures?
(She smiled and continued with explanation)
Fears means F- Food, E- Exercise, A- Addictions, R- Relationships, S- Stress

When your food is improper, you don’t do any exercises, you have any addictions, bad relationships and if you are stressed then without any doubt, your life will be a mess!

We both smiled looking at each other.. and I whispered to myself.. “True..!”


Coffee Talk #1

Yeah.. let’s sit and talk..

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People often ask me “How can you be so cheerful and smiling always carrying such a chronic disease?!” I just smile then.. 😛

Here I share the simple trick, may be useful for some of you..
“Every morning when you wake up, take it as a rebirth with past-life memory.. And you will die tonight at sleep !! In the middle of this birth and death, you have only few hours to live.. and that is today …Then what’s so much to frown or worry about..?!”
🙂 This is how I tweak my mind.. Helps me to always smile and live in awareness..

Enjoy your coffee please.. 🙂