Lust.. or Love..?

People tend to get confused or mix up these two – Lust and Love! What is lust..? What is love..? Lust is purely physical. When those hormones hit your brain, you’ll crave for sex. This thought is generally termed as lust. Now here comes the tough question; what is love..? If you ask this question to 100 people, you may get 100 different answers and that is the main difference between lust and love.

Love is subjective and hence cannot be completely defined with just one statement. We have often heard adjectives and statements like, Love is blind (does that mean it has eyes, but no vision), True Love (Okay, so why don’t u say True Lust when those physical feelings are also real?!) etc. Also, we use Heart symbol to denote Love. Does our heart really have something to do with Love..? It has been ages since people relate brain with logic and heart with love. Let us keep it as such for the time being πŸ™‚

Love is the purest emotion which is quite flexible and exist in many forms. We know it exist, but how do we feel it?! Yes, mainly through our physical body. Be it a smile, a gaze, a touch, a hug or a kiss.. Whatever! You ‘express’ your love.. If so, Sex isn’t a way to express Love..?! There comes the twist.. We have two hearts.. One is physical which is safely placed in our chest cavity and beats approx 72 times per minute. Other one is the spiritual heart which cannot be seen as a physical form.. It can only be felt. (Note Please : Here, Spirituality is not connected to any religion. What I meant by spirituality is simply existing in a higher plane with full awareness! πŸ™‚ )
Normally when love is felt by physical heart, you have a tendency to express it physically – hugs, kisses etc. When it is felt by the spiritual heart, that’s entirely different! You may not need a body to express it.. it is simply felt somewhere deep inside.. Soul..? May be.. Feelings are considered to be the language of soul.. So the next question, which is good? Well.. both of them are good and serves different purposes! There are no rights or wrongs here.. Everything is subjective in the world of Love. Love resides within us. And the other person just acts as a catalyst for that experience. Whether you physically express it or not – that’s purely your choice. If you are happy with expressing, do it. Otherwise, don’t. But it should naturally come.. Don’t ever force yourself or act. That’s the most important rule in the world of Love!

When you get physically intimate with a person you love, your spiritual heart (deep feelings) also gets involved in the act. That is why it is called love making and not just sex. You wont get that feeling of oneness otherwise. Yeah, sex can be done with anyone to satisfy your physical needs, but love making can be done only when there is Love!
Share yourself only with the person you Love.. Share your’self’.. It has a deeper meaning.. πŸ™‚


Soulmate.. Your Soul’s Choice!


Are you still searching for your ‘soulmate’ to make you complete..? Or you’ve already found? (For those who’ve found) Okay, finally you found him/her and then..? Hit the ‘Next’ arrow in your life and carefully watch those multiple frames.. Next.. Next.. Next.. Are you happy in all those frames? Are you still with your soulmate or moved on?

I have been hearing this concept of soulmate and better-half since my childhood. Do they really exist..? Or is it just a concept..? If they exist, how would you find and recognize them?! Well.. there are many articles over web, portraying different ideas and philosophies on this topic.. Today I’ll share one that impressed me.

Every single human being have both male and female elements. When the male element is dominant he is considered as man, when the female element is dominant she is considered as a woman. That means, every man has a woman inside him and every woman has a man inside her. So, why do you look out and search for people to make you complete..? You just need to look inside yourself and start loving your partner, ur true soulmate! It’s weird; but its magical to experience the ‘bliss’ when that union of male and female takes place within you..
How is it possible? Definitely through yoga and meditation; that teaches you to look inside and bring the awareness. You’ll experience an ultimate orgasm that stays forever.. A state of eternal bliss!
Now, if this is true why do we meet people, fall in love, get married ( or may be not) and deal with all those emotional dramas?! πŸ˜‰
We are here to learn and progress.. As Michelle Ventor quoted in his poem, “People comes to our life for a reason, season or lifetime”.. Whatever be the relation, we may call that as companionship. Together we learn, and progress in this life. They are not here to make us complete as it is not needed when we are complete by ourselves! You are Complete and You are Energy.. All you need is just touch and experience the Eternal Bliss!

Mother’s Love #2 – Black or White?


Me : “Aunty, Do u like white or black?”
Sara Aunty : “I like both..”
Me (confused): ” Okay, but which one you like more?”
Sara Aunty : ” Sometimes black.. Sometimes white..I like both ”
Me (more confused): ” But why so?!”
Sara Aunty (she smiled) : “When they are together they make more beautiful pictures than being alone. Knowing this truth, how can I show partiality?! I like both ”
We both looked at each other and bursted out in laughter..!!
I understood that she conveyed a very important lesson to be remembered throughout our life; “Opposite values are complimentary..” Just like how day and night, hot and cold, hills and valleys, happiness and sorrows; everything in this universe exist “together” with its complimentary. And One loses its value without the existence of other. Yes, that keeps the balance .. !

Topper’s Syndrome !!


Do you want to go back to your past and correct few things..? You all might’ve faced this question at least once in life.. Me too πŸ™‚
Quite often I feel if I could go back to my teens, I could’ve lived in a better way, I could’ve bunked classes, scored less marks at school and do more pranks so that I have a bundle of memories when I am in 30s.. Seriously, I dont remember much of the lectures I heard in high school.. And I really dont know where I applied sin and cos in my life.. Okay, sin/cos = tan ; so……?! πŸ™‚ I was one among the topper students at school, for which I felt very much proud and good in those days.. My teachers liked me, no scoldings from parents too.. Everyone said/thought I’ll conquer heights and be successful in life.. though their definition of success was different from mine!
I thought twice before writing this here. No fiction, No add-ons or exaggerations – this is a true experience from my own life, so I’m just sharing my views and my personal opinion.. If one of you could think in a different way, that may help a lot of confused young minds.. may be our own kids. This is the only reason that pushed me to expose the hidden part.
Other than Multiple Sclerosis, I have another chronic disease and this is with my mind.. I call it “Topper’s Syndrome”, as I see the same state with few of my friends at school and college who were really good with their studies and scored very high marks in exams.
What it is…? See.. in all those young years of your life you have topped in exams, being the ‘favourite’ student of your teachers etc – all good words and glories around. Have you ever faced failure? Do you know how it feels to score less mark and see those frowning faces..? Have you dealt with the toughest situation to attend a Parent- Teacher Meeting, with a failed progress card..? Yes.. Fear of Failures! Once you are into the real world- job, family, responsibilities, liabilities.. whatever; things wont be that easy as solving a tough maths problem. Life may not always treat you fairly.. And a small hit would push you down like anything; then you dont know how to get up.. You cannot accept your friends overtaking your position (ofcourse, you are not used to it and dont know how to respond). You cannot take all those emotional dramas and breakups because you’ve only tasted the nectar of success so far and it has got soooo much into your head and created a false image like ” Oh comeon, I am such a smart and brilliant guy/lady.. How can I take a wrong move that eventually ended up unsuccessfully?! No way!!”
Topper’s Syndrome.. πŸ™‚
I’m not saying you shouldn’t study.. you should.. but its better to be an average student who struggles to get a decent number on the value sheet.. They may be familiar with the tough situations much more than a topper student. And they may know how to tackle challenging situations in life – of course, with their experience!
Next time when you see average marks in your child’s exam sheet; think twice before you scold and beat. Realize that they may be learning much more valuable lessons, which would help them to live in a better way.. a quality life! πŸ™‚

Mother’s Love #1


Meet my young friend Dr. Sara Varghese (dont get confused with her hair; she coloured it white πŸ˜€ ). We share a special bond of unconditional love; with a pinch of salt and pepper!
In this segment “Mother’s Love”, I would like to share few thoughts from our regular conversation.. Pearls of Wisdom from an “extremely ordinary” woman who likes to swim (its not just like, she is crazy about swimming πŸ˜€Β ) and dive deep into the sea to touch those oasters!

Here it goes.. On your mark.. Get-Set.. Goooo..

Sara Aunty : Saneeja, do you know what pulls us away from a Holistic way of Living..?
Me : No..
Sara Aunty : Its Fears!
Me : Fear of what? Failures?
(She smiled and continued with explanation)
Fears means F- Food, E- Exercise, A- Addictions, R- Relationships, S- Stress

When your food is improper, you don’t do any exercises, you have any addictions, bad relationships and if you are stressed then without any doubt, your life will be a mess!

We both smiled looking at each other.. and I whispered to myself.. “True..!”

Coffee Talk #1

Yeah.. let’s sit and talk..

unnamed (3)

People often ask me “How can you be so cheerful and smiling always carrying such a chronic disease?!” I just smile then.. πŸ˜›

Here I share the simple trick, may be useful for some of you..
“Every morning when you wake up, take it as a rebirth with past-life memory.. And you will die tonight at sleep !! In the middle of this birth and death, you have only few hours to live.. and that is today …Then what’s so much to frown or worry about..?!”
πŸ™‚ This is how I tweak my mind.. Helps me to always smile and live in awareness..

Enjoy your coffee please.. πŸ™‚

Reality behind “THE REALITY”!

Have you ever tried touching a flower bud with your eyes closed..? Try it.. Then you will realize something that may change the world around you upside down! You may feel the bud loving you, just the way as your own tiny little 3 months old baby responds with your touch. What happens there? How could you understand each other? What sort of communication took place there? Logically, if two person should communicate there must be something in common. Language – be it verbal or signs, plays the key role. Obviously the bud and You doesn’t have a verbal or sign language to ‘talk’, but some sort of communication definitely happened there. When your largest sense organ, your skin touched the flower bud both of them could understand and communicate well because of the realization “We are the same” at a microscopic level and that realization is called Consciousness. Quantum Physics provides an in-depth scientific explanation of this amazing fact.
Parapsychology is considered to be a pseudoscience that deals with objects or facts that are beyond human perception. Now here, the word perception literally means the 5 senses of human beings. All the topics that comes under parapsychology generally makes humans crazy as it is beyond his logic; the logic that he made and concluded within the limits of his perception. What he can see, hear, smell, taste and touch is the ‘defined-solid’ truth. All other events come under the grey shade. Well.. even though humans are the most complex form of evolution, there are many things which animals can do and humans cannot. For eg; sensing natural calamities likes earthquakes. Animals can sense it fast because they are more close with the mother nature. Humans went after civilization and eventually forgot his origin; where he came from. The power of his senses gradually reduced because he stopped using it or replaced it with objects of utility and finally landed up in a place far away from his mother.
“Yoga” means uniting ourselves with the nature we came from. It is that extremely powerful holistic method that brings human beings close to nature. It helps him to realise “we are just a part of nature and not a separate entity”. Be it a bud, flower, plant, trees, animals, water, soil, fellow humans whoever or whatever is around – it came from one single energy called “Brahman”. The space is something which gives a feel of difference. Imagine if there is no space, then the whole universe would be just one dot! So, we all originated from that Brahman, and we all belong to the same Consciousness. Yoga helps human beings to realize this.. something which he knew for ages and conveniently forgot in the urge of civilization.

Life is Sweet (OR) Sweet is Life..?!

images (37)

Oh can you miss those diwali sweets?! And your favorite homemade deserts?! Life of a diabetic person is worse than you could imagine.. Saying NO to all those sweetness in life.. and the daily insulin shots piercing your skin and flesh! Well.. unfortunately India has the largest number of diabetes patients in the world.. yeah, it’s very common in our place, which makes it look like ‘normal’. But it is not..

Believe it or not; Sugar is an addiction like addiction for drugs. All of them stimulates the same pleasure centers in the brain. Haven’t you noticed whenever you are stressed or tired, a nice cup of tea or a chocolate would make you feel better?! Your body may even send false signals such as headache so as to trick you and convince that you need a tea.. smart play! Yeah.. our brain is too intelligent.. πŸ™‚ Eating too much of sugar would definitely result into health issues, most commonly type 2 diabetes (the one that comes through lifestyle).

What could be the reason for diabetes..?
Diabetes is caused because of improper metabolism. We eat food that contains sugar which is converted to glucose and taken to cells by blood. Cells will absorb the glucose, mix it with oxygen and produces energy. Thats how it works, in simple words. Insulin (produced by pancreas) acts as the cell gatekeeper. When there is an imbalance in the whole process, it results into glycemic condition (hyperglycemia- high blood sugar, hypoglycemia- low blood sugar).
Generally, there could be two reasons for this state:
1) pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin
2) the insulin produced are inefficient in their gatekeeping job (this could be an auto immune condition where the body identifies insulin as a foreign particle and stop its action)

Pheww!! Now you can understand what the pills and insulin shots do.. if your body can’t produce healthy cells, it supplements the artificial one to regulate; eventually destroying your body’s natural working mechanism.
Yoga plays an important role here by bringing back the consciousness, so that body may understand ‘uh! Something is wrong here and I have to fix it’ πŸ˜€
There are asanas(postures) in yoga that would stimulate pancreas to work properly. Also the pranayama(breathing exercises) clears off all the imbalances in body; mainly the stress which is also a key factor that triggers diabetes. When a person is stressed, large quantities of stress chemicals are released into the blood which increases the glucose level; much more than what is required by the cells. This is why your sugar level shoots up during your marriage and house warming..! πŸ˜›

Diabetes is a silent killer.. it doesnt have an age barrier. Yoga is the best way to manage and control diabetes. Regular practice of yoga can prevent diabetes by maintaining the blood sugar level in the required amount. Impressed uh? Try it.. Come on, Let’s do Yoga… πŸ™‚

Make Decisions.. Right now !!


At many instances in our life, we are ‘forced’ to take decisions, be it with studies, job, finding a partner or even silly stuffs like what to wear today, what to eat for dinner and the list just goes on.. Yeah.. decisions.. every now and then we have to play that game of ‘deciding’.

Many of us get confused at the moment when we are asked to take a decision. That confusion comes from a fear residing deep inside our mind; the fear of failure! None of us wants to fail, right? And that fear holds us back from taking decisions in life. We often depend on our parents, partners, friends or other ‘experienced people’ to take those important decisions in our life. Why? If it is right, well and good.. Otherwise we get a person to put the blame! And the funny thing is; in majority cases it will fail just because of one simple reason ‘those who decide and advice doesn’t live your life.. they just witness your experience’ πŸ™‚

You are the one who lives your life. Take its ownership! After-all who is deciding success and failure?! There are no standard rules or criteria to measure a person’s success and failure in life. If you are happy with your decisions and the way you live, its perfect. Even if you feel something went wrong with your decisions, your mind will somehow find a way to justify. That’s the trick.. mind game! Generally, our ego wont instantly allow us to accept the wrong move we took.. πŸ˜€

As the well-known motivational speaker Dr. Herbert Harris said, ” Success comes from right decisions; Right decisions comes from experience; Experience comes from wrong decisions!” So, its perfectly okay to make wrong decisions. Just dare to make it.. Rest will follow.. πŸ™‚