About ISHA

ISHA is an initiative by a group of young minds, mainly intended to serve society and make people’s life better. Our aim is to help people ‘live’ happily with their own definitions along with a balanced mind and body. We do that mainly with the help of traditional Indian ways: Yoga and Ayurveda!
Now, a little into the personal side..


Hi everyone, I am Saneeja Thomas and Isha is my lovely daughter. Me and my friends (Yoga Instructors and Ayurveda Doctors) started this firm in 2016 December with its base in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala in India.
Professionally I am a Computer Engineer who left IT world couple of years ago. If you ask me why; Well.. that wasn’t my soul’s choice and I realized it a bit late in my life in the form of a disease; Multiple Sclerosis – an auto immuno disorder. That’s the period of my life I am always thankful, because of the valuable lessons I learnt. I don’t live in wheel chair like many of the MS patients you may see around. I lead a very normal and peaceful life; just like any other woman and all because of two things : Ayurveda and Yoga. I left my IT career and went to learn more about Yoga; I was amazed with the way it worked with my disease and was curious to know how….
And here I am now.. as a Certified Yoga Trainer pursuing Masters in Yoga Therapy from the World’s best Yoga University, SVYASA! I take therapy sessions in Yoga, sometimes with Pilates and Reiki as supporting systems.. all focusing into one point; ‘Self – Healing’!