Soulmate.. Your Soul’s Choice!


Are you still searching for your ‘soulmate’ to make you complete..? Or you’ve already found? (For those who’ve found) Okay, finally you found him/her and then..? Hit the ‘Next’ arrow in your life and carefully watch those multiple frames.. Next.. Next.. Next.. Are you happy in all those frames? Are you still with your soulmate or moved on?

I have been hearing this concept of soulmate and better-half since my childhood. Do they really exist..? Or is it just a concept..? If they exist, how would you find and recognize them?! Well.. there are many articles over web, portraying different ideas and philosophies on this topic.. Today I’ll share one that impressed me.

Every single human being have both male and female elements. When the male element is dominant he is considered as man, when the female element is dominant she is considered as a woman. That means, every man has a woman inside him and every woman has a man inside her. So, why do you look out and search for people to make you complete..? You just need to look inside yourself and start loving your partner, ur true soulmate! It’s weird; but its magical to experience the ‘bliss’ when that union of male and female takes place within you..
How is it possible? Definitely through yoga and meditation; that teaches you to look inside and bring the awareness. You’ll experience an ultimate orgasm that stays forever.. A state of eternal bliss!
Now, if this is true why do we meet people, fall in love, get married ( or may be not) and deal with all those emotional dramas?! 😉
We are here to learn and progress.. As Michelle Ventor quoted in his poem, “People comes to our life for a reason, season or lifetime”.. Whatever be the relation, we may call that as companionship. Together we learn, and progress in this life. They are not here to make us complete as it is not needed when we are complete by ourselves! You are Complete and You are Energy.. All you need is just touch and experience the Eternal Bliss!


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