Mother’s Love #2 – Black or White?


Me : “Aunty, Do u like white or black?”
Sara Aunty : “I like both..”
Me (confused): ” Okay, but which one you like more?”
Sara Aunty : ” Sometimes black.. Sometimes white..I like both ”
Me (more confused): ” But why so?!”
Sara Aunty (she smiled) : “When they are together they make more beautiful pictures than being alone. Knowing this truth, how can I show partiality?! I like both ”
We both looked at each other and bursted out in laughter..!!
I understood that she conveyed a very important lesson to be remembered throughout our life; “Opposite values are complimentary..” Just like how day and night, hot and cold, hills and valleys, happiness and sorrows; everything in this universe exist “together” with its complimentary. And One loses its value without the existence of other. Yes, that keeps the balance .. !


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