Reality behind “THE REALITY”!

Have you ever tried touching a flower bud with your eyes closed..? Try it.. Then you will realize something that may change the world around you upside down! You may feel the bud loving you, just the way as your own tiny little 3 months old baby responds with your touch. What happens there? How could you understand each other? What sort of communication took place there? Logically, if two person should communicate there must be something in common. Language – be it verbal or signs, plays the key role. Obviously the bud and You doesn’t have a verbal or sign language to ‘talk’, but some sort of communication definitely happened there. When your largest sense organ, your skin touched the flower bud both of them could understand and communicate well because of the realization “We are the same” at a microscopic level and that realization is called Consciousness. Quantum Physics provides an in-depth scientific explanation of this amazing fact.
Parapsychology is considered to be a pseudoscience that deals with objects or facts that are beyond human perception. Now here, the word perception literally means the 5 senses of human beings. All the topics that comes under parapsychology generally makes humans crazy as it is beyond his logic; the logic that he made and concluded within the limits of his perception. What he can see, hear, smell, taste and touch is the ‘defined-solid’ truth. All other events come under the grey shade. Well.. even though humans are the most complex form of evolution, there are many things which animals can do and humans cannot. For eg; sensing natural calamities likes earthquakes. Animals can sense it fast because they are more close with the mother nature. Humans went after civilization and eventually forgot his origin; where he came from. The power of his senses gradually reduced because he stopped using it or replaced it with objects of utility and finally landed up in a place far away from his mother.
“Yoga” means uniting ourselves with the nature we came from. It is that extremely powerful holistic method that brings human beings close to nature. It helps him to realise “we are just a part of nature and not a separate entity”. Be it a bud, flower, plant, trees, animals, water, soil, fellow humans whoever or whatever is around – it came from one single energy called “Brahman”. The space is something which gives a feel of difference. Imagine if there is no space, then the whole universe would be just one dot! So, we all originated from that Brahman, and we all belong to the same Consciousness. Yoga helps human beings to realize this.. something which he knew for ages and conveniently forgot in the urge of civilization.

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