Make Decisions.. Right now !!


At many instances in our life, we are ‘forced’ to take decisions, be it with studies, job, finding a partner or even silly stuffs like what to wear today, what to eat for dinner and the list just goes on.. Yeah.. decisions.. every now and then we have to play that game of ‘deciding’.

Many of us get confused at the moment when we are asked to take a decision. That confusion comes from a fear residing deep inside our mind; the fear of failure! None of us wants to fail, right? And that fear holds us back from taking decisions in life. We often depend on our parents, partners, friends or other ‘experienced people’ to take those important decisions in our life. Why? If it is right, well and good.. Otherwise we get a person to put the blame! And the funny thing is; in majority cases it will fail just because of one simple reason ‘those who decide and advice doesn’t live your life.. they just witness your experience’ πŸ™‚

You are the one who lives your life. Take its ownership! After-all who is deciding success and failure?! There are no standard rules or criteria to measure a person’s success and failure in life. If you are happy with your decisions and the way you live, its perfect. Even if you feel something went wrong with your decisions, your mind will somehow find a way to justify. That’s the trick.. mind game! Generally, our ego wont instantly allow us to accept the wrong move we took.. πŸ˜€

As the well-known motivational speaker Dr. Herbert Harris said, ” Success comes from right decisions; Right decisions comes from experience; Experience comes from wrong decisions!” So, its perfectly okay to make wrong decisions. Just dare to make it.. Rest will follow.. πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Make Decisions.. Right now !!

  1. Abhi

    Took a decision to post an immediate comment here as the article was built up in simple,short and powerful content.Beautifully introduced the topic….and an awesome quote in the end.Keep it up…Continue writing….waiting more….

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  2. Shiju

    Very much the need of the hour topic.Happiness index of keralites is alarmingly only 4. 4.One of the main reason for it is our perfectionist nature,which in many cases turn into insecurity and fear of committing mistakes.High time we all learn to realise “it is Ok to commit mistake “

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